Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen

Software developer. Location pinball player.

WPPR Cards: Your IFPA Calling Card

Sep 04 2014

IFPA runs the official rankings system in the world of competitive pinball. Tournament organizers can have their events certified which means participants will earn World Pinball Player Ranking (WPPR) points to improve their world ranking.

When you arrive at a tournament you have to provide the tournament director with your IFPA player number so they can apply your points to the right player. My problem? I cannot for the life of me memorize my five digit player number. The consequence is that I stand there fumbling with the IFPA website on my phone—a website that’s not very mobile friendly.

Thankfully IFPA now has an API in beta and I spent three evenings making WPPR Cards, your own personal IFPA calling card. I also got an excuse to purchase the domain, something I’m very excited about.

The concept is pretty simple: You head over to using your smartphone of choice. There you can search for players. Find yourself and you’ll see your own personal WPPR Card. Now add your card to your home screen and you’ll always have easy access to your IFPA player number and your overall stats. You can even claim your own vanity URL to get an easier to remember URL in case you’re without your phone.

This is also very useful as a helpful tool when having to explain what competitive pinball is about to confused co-workers or extended family members. You can of course also use it to spy on friends and competitors for bragging rights.

This project would not have been possible without Greg Dunlap’s IFPA API wrapper. He’s doing his own IFPA projects at Go check it out.